Suao Project aims to create a system of computer-assisted ultraponie.

The ultraponie gardening is a technique in which ultrasound allows a particularly rapid development of the plant cultivated.

This system is derived from the Space Research, succeeds aeroponics, which had succeeded the hydroponics. The concept is based on the use of an ultrasonic atomizer for spraying nutrient solutions. The ultrasonic atomizer is an electrical device with ceramic membranes that vibrate at a certain frequency (1.65 MHz) is more than one million six hundred thousand vibrations per second. When water passes over it, she is literally transformed into a mist of droplets is extremely thin (less than 5 microns).

The roots are fed from below by fog made of very fine droplets forming a medium composed of water and oxygen directly absorbed by the pores of the roots.

To optimize the process of absorption of the roots, we have ensured that the fog is in continuous movement through a small fan.

One of the first findings was that when using this type of system is that it increases the "hair" which greatly improves the interaction with the plant cultivated.
Moreover, as the circuit is completely closed, this limits the evaporation reducing water consumption.

Plants grown with this system will greatly accelerated their growth, and production is found then maximized

Note: This type of system has been hijacked by some people to grow plants not authorized by law. But our system we are exclusively reserved for plant allowed (by cherry tomatoes, peppers, salad).

10 Responses to Presentation

  1. David T said:

    Where are the results?

  2. Serge said:

    Yes, that would be interesting now, it would be to have the results, photos, duration, crop ...

  3. JEFF said:

    I made some changes to the system and I will soon put online to update with photos, videos etc ...

  4. JEFF said:

    I posted photos of the system with the latest changes.
    To see them, just go in the "Photo V2.0" or click on the link below:

  5. nahpets said:

    Congratulations very beautiful work!
    Personal I buy my tomatoes at the market but I think it's great (for example if a giant meteor impact that covered the sky with a thick cloud of dust ;) )
    a question I ask myself: You leave the fog all the time?

    • JEFF said:

      Thank you, if a giant meteor falls, I'll keep one or two tomatoes but I do not know if it'll be enough because it's more of cherry tomatoes ;) ).
      More seriously, the fog is activated when the humidity in the air falls below that I have defined it as the roots have always a sufficient dose of nutrients.

  6. Gaston said:

    Or is t = 0n-control circuit?
    Thank you

  7. Chris said:

    Hi, nice little setup, but I have some questions.
    You have no problem with temperature in the roots?
    Can you give me the temperature of the nutrient solution?
    The ultrasonic mist is likely to heat the water, right?
    Also did you not test the PH and EC of the mist?


    • JEFF said:

      No, I have no problem in temperature in the roots, because the sprays do not emit almost no heat and the temperature rise generated they create, is mitigated by the ambient humidity.
      More usually, the roots are never immersed in the nutrient solution. The roots and the plants are suspended above.
      I do not have temperature sensors placed in the mist but I in my testing, if I remember correctly, I had an approximate temperature of a 15th of a degree (check).

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