Photos V2.0

After the first test, it was necessary to make some modifications to optimize our system ultraponie.

The first part was to change the fog generator (increasing the amount of haze in the roots and better flow of liquid).

The second part was at the level of ventilation (addition of new fans, redirection of air flow and incorporate the concept of moisture to activate the ventilation).

Such a system has been hijacked by some people to grow plants not authorized by law. But our system we are exclusively authorized to plant (in this cherry tomatoes, peppers, salad).

Since I have some ideas for optimization, I think there will be a version 3 ...

4 Responses to V2.0 Photos

  1. ebuprofen said:

    Hello, great achievement

    Could you add photos to the roots? because I'm not sure I understand how you do that the mist reaches the roots. But I imagine they hang a small picture is worth a thousand words ;-)

  2. yalefe said:

    What is "the kind of white stuff" on the left side of the cover of the steam generator?

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